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statement matt larson, (aka)ToyCameraPlay

toy (toi), n. 1. a thing of little importance. 2. like a plaything in size, use, etc. 3. made as a toy; especially being a miniature imitation.

The human senses are truly amazing, when one is taken away, another becomes stronger. Eliminating the technical aspects of working a camera and not using the viewfinder has brought my photographic eye to the forefront, and given my images a stronger sense of emotion.

I have come full circle, to the days when my brother, Tony, gave me my first camera and a complete darkroom outfit. Both my father, Fred, and my brother were avid photographers and encouraged me at an early age to photograph, process, and print my own pictures. They gave me no guidelines and their only concern was to have fun and not break anything.

I learned as much as I could about the equipment and the process. The work produced back then was personal, experimental, and playful in nature--like you would expect from a kid. For many years throughout my college and professional career, my technical skills improved and evolved but the passion slowly decreased ... that is until I discovered plastic toy cameras.

It has taken me almost four decades to return to those early childhood years when, I would play with the camera, than merely interact with it on a technical level. Ironically, the tool [the camera] that was given to me by an adult when I was young, I'm just now learning to play with.